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Haas-Anderson Construction is a civil construction company that operates within a 75 mile radius of its home office in Corpus Christi, Texas.   

The majority of its work is for the Texas Department of Transportation and the city of Corpus Christi.  It also performs work for federal, other municipal, and educational public entities and for privately funded developers, building contractors, and commercial property owners. 

The company's largest job, a $38 million new-location highway job for the Port of Corpus Christi was completed in Spring of 2007.  A $35 million highway expansion was completed in late '09 for TxDot.  It also recently completed four $20 to $25 million projects, and numerous jobs in the $5-10 million range.  The company pursues work that starts at about $500 thousand. 

The company self performs about 80% of its contracts.  It has significant assets to prosecute earth and base work, asphalt paving, concrete paving, concrete structures, and storm drainage.  It subcontracts specialty trades such as site electrical, signage, striping, utilities, erosion control, and barricades. 

A related firm (HAC Materials, Ltd.) produces hot mix with three plants.  It is the construction firms largest supplier.  It also sells to other contractors and public agencies. 

Total employment ranges around 250.  The company's limited geographic area allows it to retain skilled people by moving them around without relocation.  Because it has been able to successfully secure jobs from a broad range of clients, it has experienced no end-of-job layoffs.  In fact, its current unemployment general tax rate is only 0.1%.  Consistent, trained, and long term skilled people are considered to be a significant advantage. 

The company secures its bonds through the Keetch Agency of Corpus Christi from Travelers Casualty and Surety and has bid projects up to $48 million. 

The company banks with American Bank of Corpus Christi. 

Its primary lines of insurance are provided by the Travelers Insurance Company through the Swantner & Gordon Agency of Corpus Christi. 




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